Let's talk about hobbies.

I would be lying to you if I say my hobby is reading books. As matter of fact I hate reading. The only reason I would be carrying a book -if you cought me reading- is to improve my english and let me warn you my friend that's a MYTH. It is a very slow process and hardly helps. At least not me! Unless the book is very impressive, interesting and soul capturing which rarely happens is mostly boring. The alternative is watching movies, Tv shows, and live actions. Actually, watching movie is a fun activity that gives many advantages. It can spend our leisure time and give some information for us. So, if you have leisure time and you don’t do something, just search a film and enjoy the movie. It will be enjoyable. I mean why bother reading when you can actually see what's happening, feel the scene, fall in love with the characters? I guess I would never know. I don't have hobbies. I like to do variety of things depending on my moods.